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i have a dell inspiron m5010 and it looks to have a blank hard drive is there some way to fix this free ? i am on a fixed income and got the comp for free an realy like it so id like to get it fixed can anyone help me if so i will be very grateful
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  1. Blank as in wiped? You could try installing a copy of ubuntu .
    Its pretty simple to install, and easy to use.
  2. What do you want to fix? You want Windows? You have to buy it, $100.
  3. Did you buy it used? Was it running with windows and other things and then went blanK? What is exactly your issue? Please be more specific. Tks.
  4. by "blank" hdd i assume you mean windows isn't installed on it anymore.

    you've got to buy a copy of windows ($120), or if that's too much you can install linux (such as ubuntu)
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