Please assess this notebook

A6 quad core, 4GB of RAM (will upgrade to 8GB), 500GB HDD (will upgrade to SSD)

Will this be adequate for my needs? They are:

- zero gaming
- multi-tasking is the most CPU-intensive thing I do on a regular basis (40-60 Chrome tabs open while playing music, with Excel and Word and Foxit Reader open)
- multimedia
- occasional basic photo editing
- occasional ripping of DVDs and CDs
- zero video editing
- basically, an Internet and MS Office user

Is this is a good price for what I'm getting?

Stability/reliability is my main goal.

Current laptop: Asus ULV-50T with U7300 processor, 4GB, SSD helped but still a bit slow sometimes

Will this quadcore provide a significant improvement in everyday use?
Or should I wait for the Ivy Bridge laptops to come out in the fall?

Was told that more cores = better for multitasking. True or false?

Thanks for your feedback...
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  1. If you aren't doing any gaming, I see no reason to go with AMD chips. I believe the consensus is AMD chips now are only best for gaming on a budget.

    Here's one for roughly the same price...

    I checked the PassMark scores (not sure if it does multi-threading, or even how reliable people think they are, but...) the i3-2350m scored 28% better than the a4.
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