Windows 7 update/ram problem?

I have played BFBC2 before in windows 7 without problems, didn't play that heavy game for some time, but when I turned back to the game, it have a problem with black screen freeze (graphic card fan goes full speed too).
i talked to one of my friends, said he had a similar problem, he thought it was something with the RAM, one of his friends had changed his RAM and there doesn't seem to a problem anymore. I am using Corsair, my friend is using Corsair, my friend's friend "WAS" using Corsair, but changed to something else. (what he changed to is still unknown to me)

I just tested on my computer on a 1 day old windows 7 installation, fully updated with drivers, windows 7 update and antivirus. but got the problem very fast in the game.

the computers have in common
intel i7
Corsair RAM

the computeres difference
HD 4870 X2, GTX 285

So I was wondering if this problem is coused in a windows 7 update X Corsair RAM conflict or something?
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  1. Hi Friis,

    Are you and your friend using Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit?


    Windows Outreach Team
  2. i belive its all 64-bit
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