A laptop battery for HP DV2000

I have a HP PAVILION DV2000 laptop. Two weeks ago my laptop battery died. I was very worried. Without the battery I must take my power cord anytime anywhere. I saw various replacement batteries at the website. Finally I bought one at Amazon from the seller RAVPower.
This is an excellent 9-cell replacement for the 6-cell battery on my Dell Inspiron 6400 notebook. Works as advertised and arrived on time - no problems. After a full charge, it runs the laptop for many hours before needing a recharge. Best thing is that I could buy 4 of these for the price of one from Dell. Can't go wrong at that price. Keeps a charge for about 5 hours of regular use.
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  1. hello, Amazon is OK. lately, I found a laptop battery website that provides high quality batteries and the price is very reasonable. maybe you can check it: http://www.cbattery.net
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