DVI output stop working on Pi 1556 after upgrading MXM card

Hi guys,

I have an Amilo Pi1556 and some time ago, the pre-installed nVidia go7600 died.

I replaced it with a Quadro FX 770M and everything is working perfect except DVI output.

At the beginning I thought the problem was the bios and I changed it to Alienware 2.06W
No luck. I kept it though because the Quadro is operating at a little lower teperatures.

When im pressing FN+F4 the screen blinks but unfortunately no signal from DVI out !
Also another thing I don't undestand, is that when I'm connecting the laptop with HDTV
via DVI, I can pull out the EDID info from HDTV !!!

I'm using Windows 7 32 bit
nvidia Driver version 285.62
nVidia vBios version 62.94.3B.00.06

Please help...
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  1. Anyone..?
  2. I would also like an answer to this but I think it's due to the VBIOS in the card not being compatible and you will have to try some other cards.
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