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Can't launch Zone Alarm "due to restrictions in effect on this computer". I'm logged in as the administrator (all other users have limited accounts). Been through the local and group policies and there are no restrictions in place for the administrator group. Pretty sure I'd remember setting them up if they were there anyway! Any suggestions appreciated.
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  1. There is a thread here that would be of use to you that concrens that exact problem. I can't remember which one it is but read thru teh threads it can't be that far down the line yet. If I get time I'll look for it.
  2. It is called, "Windows XP Pro Administrator Problem-Update".
    read that, an see if it helps.
  3. James, thanks for the reply - any help is always appreciated! I read the thread, but the only advice in it I didn't try was the age old re-format & re-install. When I was younger, I'd think nothing of whiling away the hours backing up & re-installing. Now I've been using a PC for over a decade, I can't help thinking there must be a more elegant solution. My problem is definately firewall orientated, I can install Sygates' personal jobbie, but while the service runs, the icon in the system tray is unavailable. I can work around this by re-installing on each reboot because the Sygate installation doesn't require a reboot, whereas the Zone Alarm one does (natch). This is probably something amiss with the registry, but I need some pointers if anyone has them for me.
  4. Your welcome, Have you tried uninstalling zone alarm and going into the registrey and pulling out any signs of it there? and simply reinstalling the software itself? that has worked for me on occasion.
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