Will this laptop work with Diablo 3?

I am currently looking for a laptop that will run Diablo 3. I found this one through WOOT, but I am not tech savy enough to know if it meets the minimum requirements. Please help.

1 Toshiba L775D/S7340B, 17.3”, AMD Quad-Core 1.4GHz, 6GB, 640GB, Blu-ray, Radeon 6520G, 802.11n, W7HP
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  1. It should work fine, although you might not be able to go beyond 720p or 1366x768 for your resolution if you play with high settings.
  2. Remember, Diablo 3 requires an always on internet connection, as well.

    Your RAM is good, and the quad core can handle the game. The main concern is that the 6520G is not that powerful. It may not play buttery smooth, but it should play.
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