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Yesterday I formatted my 1TB seagate external hard drive, and partitioned is into two drives, I wanted to install Ubunto on one of the partitions, but accidently made the partition too small, and the small partition is the active one, I tried to resize but got a message saying that this will make the disk dynamic and I will no longer be able to boot from it, so I tried to set the larger partition to active in order to shrink it again and delete the smaller partition and make a new partition from the remaining allocated space, but I couldn't set the larger partition to active coz I got a message that said "ensure the partition you are about to make active contains valid system files" and when trying to delete the smaller active partition I got a message warning from deleting an active partition.
The smaller partition is 5GB however it's showing 4.91GB free space. so there's definitely something on it, even though I formatted it.
I want the smaller partition to be 15GB and I want it to be active coz this's the partition I want too boot from but how do I do that without losing the windows loader files on it ????
any help appreciated
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  1. If you just formatted the whole HDD, then you probably haven't done anything with it that you can't redo so start over from scratch. Remove the partitions and then create your 15GB partition.
  2. OK I kinda went nuts yesterday and decided to risk it, Ubuntu was installed completely on my external hard drive and I could boot from it. However I went back to check on my win.7 hard disk, it was kinda weird, you know how your hard drive is always partitioned into C for windows and D for Data and the System partition which is about 400MB... so I went to disk management and all partitions read healthy but the System Partition (the active one) is no longer named SYSTEM, (there's nothing written) and it reads as follows (Layout: simple, Type: Basic, File System (nothing is written), Status: Healthy (Active, Recovery Partition) capacity 400MB, free space 400MB)
    If it's empty how was I able to boot into Win.7 !!! My laptop is functioning wonderfully there's absolutely nothing wrong with the way my system is functioning I'm just wondering how that's possible with my SYSTEM partition being EMPTY ??

    I know I know, you don't have to say it, I'm a complete Moron for doing what I did
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