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Hello, first here are the specs:
Asus P4C800 deluxe (875p chipset)
P4 2.8 w/ 800fsb
1024 Corsair2 pc 3200 ram
Plextor cdrw
Wd raptor hd
Sb audigy 2

Ok, here is the problem: Windows xp is using very old chipset drivers, some from 2000(the year, not the os), some from january. The old drivers mostly end in .1006, while the new drivers end in .1012 (I think, I know the 6 and 12 are right).

I have tried to update them to the newer drivers that came with the mother board (also the latest available from Asus and Intel), however the self installer never installs them. It looks like it is, but when the computer reboots, I still have the same old drivers under the device manager.

At this point, I am considering reinstalling xp (the computer is only 4 days old, so not too much loss there other than time installing software/hardware).

The other options are:
1. Find some way to make the auto installer actually install the drivers.
2. Find somewhere to get the actual inf files for the new drivers, and do it manually.
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  1. Yes, the newest version of the <A HREF="" target="_new">drivers</A> is 5.00.1012.

    Did you try right-clicking/manually extracting the drivers into a clean folder and updating the IDE controller through the Device Manager? Extracting the drivers creates four subdirectories, one of which will be "xp". Browsing to the xp folder may allow the update to function correctly. Don't allow Windows to search for the drivers -- go straight to the folder. If it works, the computer will need to reboot.

    If this doesn't help, running Setup.exe directly from the folder with the extracted files might accomplish the task.

    I keep running into the same thing with VIA 4-in-1 drivers ... the setup program never seems to update anything except the AGP, and I always have to extract the driver files and update the IDE controller manually through the Device Manager. Sometimes I have to do attempt to update the drivers than once. It's a little irritating.


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