How to turn on wifi in windows 7 toshiba satellite L510

i want to connect to the internet via my iphone however i have no usb cable with me is this possible.
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  1. Hello isabeliain;

    To connect to the internet with WiFi you don't need a phone.
    Your Toshiba Satellite L510 probably has wireless capability built in.

    For example this Toshiba Satellite L510-P402T Laptop has WiFi
    Look under Specifications: Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 B,G

    With a WiFi laptop all you need in an access point/Hotspot/router and the password and you can connect to the internet.
  2. isabeliain said:
    to connect to the internet via my iphone
    Connecting a laptop to a cell phone to use the cell phones internet connection is called Tethering.
    Many mobile provider do not allow tethering. Check with your cell phone carrier about that.

    To tether an iPhone to a laptop you'd need to 'jailbreak' your iPhone which is usually a bad idea.
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