Dell INSPIRON 1750 Problem

Trying to fix a friends laptop. It's a new Dell INSPIRON 1750 purchased from QVC. Runs Windows 7 along with all the regular stuff on it. He updated his McAffe ant-virus to three year. After all that, the only program that will load is Windows Media Player. Is there a solution to our problem?
Thank you
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    Try the fix in the McAffe Comunity:
  2. Thank you very much for the LINK to fix my problem, I am now able to load all all my applications.

    This was a big help. THANK YOU
  3. Get rid of mcafee it is the worst on the market
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  5. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Get rid of mcafee it is the worst on the market

    Greetings, what would be the a good Antivirus along with Firewall protection to use?

    Thank you, have a good day
  6. Zone Alarm is a very good firewall regardless of being free, in Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG & Avast very popular free versions, in the paid for Kepersky and Nod32 .
  7. Thank you
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