kinda funny so many newbies have 9600XT problems

I'm not saying they're all making it up, but it looks a little suspicious to me.

Kinda like something nineigger would do, or one of those jackasses.

I'm certainly not saying that people would have problems setting up their video cards, or that the 9600XT is too great to have problems, or that they're all the same person posting just for malicious reasons... but I have to admit that it just seems funny the flurry of posts over the last couple days focussing on the 9600XT.

I suppose if the 9600XT sales were that disproportionately high it would explain some of it. I don't know what the sales numbers are, but I doubt that's the case.

It's always possible that the card is a lemon... but that's kind of hard to figure, since it's basically an overclocked 9600 PRO, and those are pretty stable cards.

Is the overdrive feature that touchy and unpolished? But then you'd think we'd be seeing lots of 9800XT's here too, although theres alot less of those around in the first place.

Or maybe I'm just paranoid because of all the fanboi BS.

Something to think about, anyway.

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  1. i agree with this there is like 20 post about 9600xt problems....

    Maybe theire quality is not top notch.

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  2. They all have small e-penises.

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  3. I noticed it too... I suspect some unstability in drivers or some incompatibility issue. Maybe THG will report in an article... A good occasion to "bash" ATi! :smile:

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  4. Either not getting the right OEM or they have conflicts with existing system configs. Since they are going cheap and not getting the 9800 series that most ive seen are using the cheaper chipsets like the via chipsets (kt400 and 600) and they suck with the high-end radeons. I think a survey is needed for this issue for I have heard tons of whinning about this card everywhere.

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  5. How DARE you accuse these people of being Trolls!

    I have complete faith in the fact that the world is full of idiots! :evil:

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  6. Quote:
    I have complete faith in the fact that the world is full of idiots!


    Maxtor disgraces the six letters that make Matrox.
  7. well, here's one newbie who installed his own 9600xt on a gigabyte ga-7va and you'd be surprised how few problems this idiot has had with his card, overdrive up and running as I'm speaking.

    oh my
  8. I'm having problems with my 9600XT. I slid it into the slot under my cd-rom, but it's not working right. Someone please help me! :evil:
  9. this is what u do... put it back into its original packaging and shove it into ur comp, if that doesn't work send it to my house and i'll fix it for u

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  10. on a serious note.......
    9600XT's sold out at the distribution level here in canada's oem channel for the last 2 months.

    There are selling very well and due to their price point, many inexperienced users are attracted to them mostly because of the HL2 voucher.

    It's not really HL2 voucher thats important, its the fact that you get a well marketed card with a perception of getting a great game included.

    Put it all together an you get lots of cards sold and more than usual number of novices.


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  11. LOL,

    well that's because it is a crappy ATI card. Nvidia Cards work no matter where you plug them in. I once crammed my my GF2 MX200 into an ISA slot and it worked great. try that with an ATI. NVidia is awesome. No problems and it runs tetris and Age of empires super smooth. :lol:

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  12. My GF4 MX440 SE can even run HALO. just that the water looks blotty and gray.

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  13. LOL
  14. Lmao!

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    Figured i'd do it too..reality my ass.
  15. heck, I had a geforece4 MX 440 and it didn't even run the direct x 8.1 game I was playing very well
  16. Well im one of the noobies in question here with the past 9600xt problems. The problem seems to have been fixed after I updated my bios. If you want my opinion on it, I think that there are a lot of people who are switching over to radeon from nvidea cards. In my experience nvidea cards are a lot more hassle free when it comes to the install and what the card requires to run stable. Now that my 9600xt is running stable, im perfectly happy with the card and its performance so I have no complaints. Also, as far as me being an ATI saboteur, if you want to look back at the past threads I came here after purchasing an nvidia card which I returned after everyone told me was a P.O.S. I really have no preference which company manufactured my card, as long as the performance is there. Now ask me to choose between AMD and Intel and thats a different story.
  17. However if you reread my posts in your original thread, what was the first thing I mentioned? So it wasn't the card so much as your MOBO, right? And far too many times people rush to judge their graphics card when in fact it was something else they missed, (see above). :wink:

    BTW, nVidia cards aren't more hassle free (look at the forum again, there's posts from all) but nV does add the added issue of sticky drivers which sabotage every other Mfr including Matrox, XGI, etc.

    To many of us it's funny how these things come in waves. It's far worse at Rage3D where every driver release there's a bunch of nVidiot trolls who's only roll is to clog up the discussion.

    Sometimes it appears that that is the case with the people who 'pose' as newbies with fictitious problems. I still miss the Radeon/FX stole my manhood stuff. Now that's creative.

    None the less, things will change and people will always have problems. The main issue is when the problems are user error, yet they are ascribed to the card maker or card series.

    I can't rememebr who said it but; it's a case of the error/incompatibility being 2 ft from the screen (the user).

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  18. Ah yes, but how many of them went from an Nvidia GPU to an ATI ? and of course removed ALL of the Nvidia drivers from there system prior to installing the new drivers. Wouldn't be surprised at all if they didn't. On the other hand, my 9600 XT runs like a dream, and that was after I went from a Ti 4200.
  19. All the installation problems with the 9600XT stem from people installing them in a computer that had an NV card in it. Too many people just pull the old card out and pop the new one in and expect it to work.

    I just replaced my GF3 ti200 with a R9600XT this week, and have not had a single problem. But then I

    a) uninstalled the old card with add/remove hardware
    b) ran Detonator RIP
    c) ran Nasty File Remover
    d) ran driver Cleaner
    e) ran ace utilites to scan registry
    f) ran regscrubXP to scan registry.

    Sounds like a lot of work, but in reality it took me like five minutes, and saved me hours of hassles trying to troubleshoot card/driver issues.

    I have also been using the Overdrive feature, and it seems to work great.

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