HIS 9800Pro 128mb

i have a P4 2.0a Ghz and i used to have a Geforce 4 ti4200 card with this u sed to get
121fps in UT2003, max details, 1024 x 768, flyby antalus.
in 3D mark 03 score: 1459.

after the upgrade to HIS 9800Pro 128mb i get
128fps in UT2003, max details, 1024 x 768, flyby antalus.
in 3D mark 03 score: 5352.

i think i should really see a bigger improvement in ut2003, other games display some improvement (i dont know if its as much as it should be though). the 3Dmark03 fps imrpoves alot in all areas, sohwing the card's installed ok. both ut2003 and unreal 2 and some other games maybe all have shown very little improvement. any help?

using the benchmarks here
im sure the games should be running faster they are.

running XP Pro
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  1. You didn't get rid of the nVidia drivers I'm guessing. Best way to do it: wipe, format, install Windows and appropriate drivers (i.e., Catalysts not ForceWares).

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  2. im no genius but wouldnt benches like that be limited by his 2ghz cpu? 3dmark is graphics intensive but real games are also dependant on the cpu... only so far a 2ghz chip will take him regardless of the gfx card... just my opinion... im prolly wrong so dont pay too much attention to me

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  3. UT2003 would be more limited than 3dMark2k3, but only a 7FPS seems too low for that upgrade, even if he has a 2.0A. You're right though, he shouldn't expect the FPS that THG gets on their testbed.

    Maybe you are right, I never really thought about it like that...but I'd doubt a Ti4200 would be the limit of the 2.0A.

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  4. if it helps i ran X2 rolling demo and i got exactly what THG predicted 64.1fps
    and they were using a 3.2 P4.

    but ut2003 and unreal 2 still slow!
  5. all of the games run a bit faster but im sure i should be getting more, ut2003 should be way over 100 during a bot match and much more higher during a flyby.

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  6. Hmmmmm, I'm stumped. Sorry. Anyway, did you get rid of the nVidia drivers before you switched over to your 9800Pro?

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  7. Let me ask everyone. Is it possible that UT is actually picking more advanced settings because of the newer Card? I mean they say the deault benchmark built into the game and the demo that gives the flyby/botmatch score, isn't an accurate way to compare cards as it picks the highest settings supported by the hardware when you run the test. Is that the same for the benchmark version he is running?

    Anyway just a guess, because i can understand botmatch scores being limited by his CPU, but flyby?

    Edit: also wondering if uninstalling and reinstalling the game (or demo) would change the score. I remember when the game first came out, a friend saw my system and said, hey i don't have grass. He then upgraded his old radeon to an 8500 le and still didn't have grass until uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

    But I'd think a Ti4400 could handle whatever UT2003 can dish out (eye-candy wise).

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  8. i did use the windows uninstaller to remove the old drivers then i upgraded, a little while ago i used det RIP but no difference. im now trying to reinstall ut2003, i'll let you know what happens, personally i doubt much will happen. i do use the highest possible settings both before and after the upgrade. it seems odd that both 3dmark03 and x2 rolling demo had a good improvement but not other games.

    looking at the THG:VGA charts II, a XP2700+ (about my CPU's speed):
    and comparing with charts III, P4 3.2G:

    ut2003 only really wants a 2Ghz to run at peak.
  9. Your benchmarks will not get scaythed but your gamming will. Most of the time going from Nvidia to ATI you have to reinstall windows for the best performance.

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  10. thanks alot you guys! i'll reinstall XP i think.
    i tried reinstalling ut2003 but no change.
    i also tried AquaMark 3 THG got
    44,719 with a P4 3.2
    i got
    32,719 with a P4 2.0
    Is this good? never used AquaMark before.
  11. Those NVidia drivers will stick around to haunt your system. If its anything, it will definitely be whatever is remaining of those drivers.

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  12. Sure, you can always format and reinstall....if you don't know what you're doing. Heh, my WinXP installation has gone from an Intel P3/866 with 815 chipset and Geforce 2 through various incarnations to the AMD system it is now (listed below). After proper driver replacement and cleanup, all benchmarks results are on par and real world performance is great and no stability issues. I know we really don't want to admit it but Microsoft really has put out an awesome OS.

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  13. Err...first time i hear from people that switching chipset didn't require a window reinstall. Is that too good to be true?

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  14. OK i reinstalled windows but i still get the same flyby score (around 128fps). it cant be a faulty card if X2 rolling demo (benchmark) and 3Dmark are running as they should. so why are unreal and other games showing little improvement?
  15. i lowered all the settings just to see the highest fps and for 640 x 480 i got 210fps in flyby. judging by
    i should be getting around 180fps with all the settings up, so what the hells wrong?
  16. Your UT2K3 performance seems about right.

    You have a slow processor (you can't compare your 2ghz proc. to an XP2700 especially based on a test that's over a year old,), and UT2K3 does not show much performance diff. between the top cards and a GF4ti because it doesn't require and modern features. Take a look at other sites with the same benchmark and you will find the difference is not that dramatic when the CPU is much slower.

    Your scores are a tiny bit on the low side, but your system is the crutch. That's what's wrong.

    Get a new CPU/MOBO/MEMORY if benchmarks are so important.

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  17. thanks for all your input. i looked up some other benchmarking sites and using X2:rolling demo and codecreatures the card performs as it should, i understand that the cpu is holding the pc back a lot. although i thought i would see a bigger increase in ut2003 flyby as it focuses on the GPU not CPU.

    ive looked into getting a P4 3.0Ghz (800FSB) ive seen them for around £300($546 USD) however one i noticed is £198($364 USD) which is here:


    could any of you guys have a look at it and tell me if theres anything thats not up to spec (seems odd that its £100 cheaper). it seems ok to me but maybe im missing something a second opinion would be great
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