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I was wondering if anyone could help me find a cheap laptop for video games. Im going away to university and i needed a laptop but i wanted it to be able to run games like diablo 3. Its doesnt need to be at the highest quality, but can run it smoothly. I would appriciate any help
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  1. Couple of reminders:

    1 - get a laptop with discrete graphics processor (nvidia or amd radeon). On board GPU or embedded GPU in the CPU will not be enough to run games llike Diablo 3. Intel graphics will not run Diablo 3.

    2 - CPU and discrete GPU are NOT upgradeable. Cannot be changed to a better one. You can run current games but future games might not run or only with lower resolution.
  2. I had a similiar question and this is what they came up with. Hope this helps.
  3. Define Cheap ... to me a cheap gaming laptop is < $1,500

    Pick one out here because of the nice site layout

    And then go buy it at for the service and support.
  4. To clarify how well diablo 3 runs on intel graphic i have d3 at 1366x768 with high textures and everything else on low.

    using intel hd 3000 on my laptop. the cpu is an i3 2330m and i have 8 gb of ram

    it runs ok. i don't have any slowdowns in d3 at those settings. i also play starcraft 2 with it same resolution except everything is on low(1v1s anything else is too much).

    my laptop cost 330 dollars. Just to put things in perspective.

    i do not suggest getting an igpu like me if you want to play more intense games like battlefield or crysis or even basic games like fable 3 (i barely hit 30 fps on the lowest settings) but if you REALLY need a cheap laptop a lenovo b570(what i have) can do basic gaming.

    it does school work just fine.
  5. get a sager from, they cost way less than pro stars. the reason they cost less is because windows is not installed for the base price. sagers are the best performance per dollar on the market and the GPU and CPU are user upgradable
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