ATI Rage 128 Pro drivers?

Im at work and we got a rig that doesnt want to install the video drivers.
Specs are
Slot A 800 mhz Thunderbird Athlon
128 MB PC133
ATI Rage 128 Pro (not sure on memory size but it does seem like it has 2 GPU´s)
Fic SD11 Athlon Slot A
AMD 751 VIA 686A mainboard

First thing that happens after a clean Win 98 install is that Windows detects 2 VGA display adapters.....
And even if I remove both and run the exe file that contains the latest official drivers realeased by ATI for this card It still will not let me install,its giving an error saying that the current display adapter does not match the driver trying to be installed.
I also tryed installing drivers manually from an ATI folder created in root directory and nada.
Whats going on here?Is this an ATI driver problem or what?
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  1. Have you tried RAGE PRO and RAGE 128 (non-pro) drivers???

    On the ATI website there is 3 different RAGE series drivers, mayde one of them will work.

    Would you buy a GPS enabled soap bar?
  2. Wouldnt that be a Rage MAXX card?

    Yeah, thats right. I support the NV/AMD/IBM axis of evil.
  3. Hmm,intresting cause we booted the system with an XP hd as well and it detected it as a Fury Maxx,worked but didnt want to display anything in 3d
    But there are about 4 diferent engravings on the card itself that clearly say Rage 128 Pro.Im going to try this with 4 diferent drivers now with Win 98 and see what happens

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  4. your going to need the drivers from ati's site, not XPs as they must not have any 3d support.

    it sounded like a rage fury maxx to me, it might have rage 128 engravings... all the maxx consisted of was two of those on a PCB.

    Yeah, thats right. I support the NV/AMD/IBM axis of evil.
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