Looking for cheap gaming laptop $500-$700

Hey, I'll be start school here in August and will be needing a laptop. I'll be using it mostly for school and gaming. I'd like to try to find something in the price range of $500-$700 that can run WoW and Swtor on decent settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've tried looking around some, but I really don't know that much about computers. Would any of these be any good?


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  1. Ok , for my money , i'd go with one of these


    For the money that is a much better spec'd laptop , i love the fusion AMD stuff their pushing the envelope but with MoP coming out the 1.5 ghz cpu's on those laptops you've linked aren't going to be enough for serious gaming.

    Stretch the budget and go with the one I've linked , if your like me and don't ever use the track-pad on a laptop and you shouldn't when gaming , then then you can ignore the two reviews who mark it down, and the first ones problems could be solved by using a program like this . http://touchpad-blocker.com/

    He's brushing the touch pad with his palms while typing and touch-pad blocker auto turns the pad off when you type , the performance from that i5 and the HD 6470 aren't going to set any new benchmark records but they will definitely give you some playable frame rates..

    And who doesnt love ripped off mac-book style looks ;-)
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