I can't view video on my laptop unless I'm hardlined into a network

I have a Dell Latitude E5410 laptop. I can view videos and the internet works perfect if I'm hardlined into my network, but if I go into my room and just use the wi-fi (netgear router) I can't view videos from youtube or anything! It's driving me nuts! I don't know much about computers so I"m afraid to do anything and then screw up my laptop totally. ANY help wouold be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!
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  1. Hey,
    First off, I want to check and see if your wifi card is on. To check, over your keyboard (top left). There should be 4 different light indicators (some may be off, that's fine). But there should be one symbol that looks like an antenna (3rd symbol from the left), please tell me whether or not you see light coming from that symbol.

    If you do see light, than here is something else to check. At the bottom right corner, where it shows a bunch of icons such as a Speaker, Battery, Time, Connection bars etc... There should be an icon that has 5 bars, some may be grayed. But I want to know if you have any yellow traingle with an exclamation sign on it, if you do. Than please click it and write here what it says is the reason it won't connect to the internet.

    Hope this helps,

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