Concept PC, please critique :)

ok, this is what I'm looking into for a new PC

_Price_ _Type_ _Product_ _Vendor_
$452.00 CPU - Athlon XP 3200+, Googlegear
$300.00 MONITOR - tbd
$179.99 CASE – Thermaltake Xaser III V2000A, Newegg
$118.00 RAM - 2 Corsair XMS 256MB 400mhz, Newegg
$129.99 MOTHERBOARD - Asus A7N8X Deluxe, Googlegear
$80.00 POWER SUPPLY - Antec TRUE430 430w, Newegg
$48.50 CD-RW DRIVE - Sony 52 x 24 x 52, Googlegear
$50.00 SURGE PROTECTOR - Belkin SurgeMaster Gold, Circuit City
$14.50 FDD – Sony 3.5” 1.44MB, Googlegear
$14.99 HEADPHONES – Philips HS500, Amazon
$17.00 KEYBOARD – Microsoft Natural Elite, Newegg
$29.99 FAN/HEATSINK – Thermaltake Volcano 11, CrazyPC
$29.95 CASE WRAP – Eternal Flame, CrazyPC
$23.90 CATHODE LIGHTING – 2 UV Cold Cathode, CrazyPC
$17.95 NEON LIGHT PAINT – Color(s) tbd, CoolerGuys
$20.00 WINDOW APPLIQUE – Custom Appliqué, CrazyPC
$6.95 FAN GRILLS – crome Hurricane & steel Flame, CrazyPC
$17.85 ROUNDED CABLES – 2 IDE, 1 FDD, CoolerGuys/CrazyPC
$9.95 HDD COOLER – AirMaxx Pro, CoolerGuys
$11.00 CABLE SLEEVES – 10ft of 1/4" Neon Blue, Crazy PC
$6.95 HEAT DOPE – Arctic Silver 3 Thermal Compound, CrazyPC

already have a good hdd and mouse; any comments are greatly appreciated.

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  1. processor is $448 on newegg
  2. You sure you aren't gonna get killed on shipping? Also, if you have a problem I GUARANTEE that the vendor will blame the other vendors.

    Basically, get the CPU and motherboard at Newegg as well and you'll eliminate most of this problem. Maybe even the CD-RW. Depends on how familiar you are with building a PC.

    Why are you spending $15 on a floppy drive? First off, do you really need a floppy drive, and second, can't you salvage one from a friend or an old PC?

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  3. shipping is already figured into the costs from some of the vendors. Never built a computer from scratch like this before, but I've been working with computers for many years including assembly/dissembly of older machines. And being an A+ Certified Professional, I should be able to work out most problems by myself. Probably don't need a fdd, but it might come in handy sometime. Sure I could use an old one, but it's less work to just order online, and I don't have to worry about it failing any time soon.
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