Building a computer, need advice

I was recently considering customizing a Clevo P150EM when a friend told me to just order an inexpensive thin and light and let him build it for me. He claimed it would be easier to upgrade later and marginally cheaper (as well as super custom). What I need are recommendations regarding the case.

Ivy Bridge i7-3610 cpu
NVidia GTx 675m gpu (with a chipset for the Optimus battery life boost)
8-16 gigs of RAM.

What I require:
Reasonable mobility (13-14" screen range, but I'll settle for 11-15" if I must)
1920x1080p matte screen (whether this comes in the case or I have to buy it separately doesn't matter)
Case MUST vent to the rear (and, for that matter, vent efficiently for heavy gaming when plugged in)
Excellent build quality (very sturdy and able to last 4+ years)

What I really want:
Room for an SSD boot drive
Back lit keyboard (as with the screen, it it's possible to swap out, I can, but it isn't as important)
3D capability (might as well wish big...)

I don't want to spend much on this thing, as the guts are completely useless to me. Literally any thoughts will be helpful. I figured I could spend days searching (which I'm still going to do), or cast my wishes to the wind in hopes that someone with more knowledge can help.
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  1. I recommend going with a Clevo Case, great quality products..
  2. hpfreak said:
    I recommend going with a Clevo Case, great quality products..

    I would agree, but Clevos are just so expensive. The only one in the size range I want starts at almost $700. Plus, it doesn't vent to the rear.
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