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Laptop is not getting started

My laptop is showing some unusual behaviour. When I press the power button, keyboard lights get on, fan get started, but noting comes on screen. But sometimes, it get started also. I have tired of thinking that where the problem may be. Because if the problem lies anywhere, then it should not get started anytime, but it does sometimes.
If anybody get any idea that were the problem may lie, please suggest me with the possible solutions.
HP Presario B3000
AMD Athelon Processor
Memory - 512 MB
Hard Disk - 120 GB
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  1. Plug it into an external monitor and see what shows up on screen.
  2. hpfreak said:
    Plug it into an external monitor and see what shows up on screen.

    No, I checked it on another monitor. It didn't work there also.
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    you probably have a problem with the graphics card/chipset and its most likely an integrated graphics card so you'd have to buy a replacement motherboard. but considering the cost of laptop motherboards you're better off buying a new laptop rather then paying hundreds for a replacement board for a chance to repair it.
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