Help me find suit laptop for me..

Hello...I m new here.

Hope your all can help me. I am in difficult situation in choosing suit laptop for me. Can anybody help me or guide me to find suit laptop to me?

I am from Malaysia.I have budget around RM1500-RM3000

Standard laptop and screen resolution is fine for me.

I like if battery of the laptop is longer above 7 hours. Of course I want to play a game with medium and high performance. I think I like to play Mass effect 3, left 4 dead 2,death space 2,warcraft, starcraft 2and another best and latest games. :D

Another task in that laptop is I can edit video,photoshop and do some engineering works because I will take engineering course next month.

DVD rom is fine. I dont know really about the brands because I never have any laptop before so I cannot explains.. :sweat:. According what my obvious and researching is I like to have Asus or Acer (I heard acer is not good..hrmm I do not know)...or If someone have any suggestion about another brands I will appreciate it :)

500 G or 1 tera is good storage for me...I hope that laptop can still with me more longer than 3 years...I mean that laptop is tough and not easy faulty and still maintain working for 24 hours without shut down.

Sorry I don't know where to find site to buy it...because I did not find my suit laptop yet. I hope you all can give me a specific information laptop suggestion. I know there are variation laptop there...but still I need favour from your guys :)

Sorry for my english language is not good...
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  1. You won't be able to find a laptop with 7 hour battery life that can also play new games on high settings.
  2. Yeah...I think so....that impossible to find that type of laptop....

    Whatever battery life type....I want just it keep longer than 3 hours...usually I play a game with low and medium setting in destop...usually low in laptop high setting performance is not really I want it...

    Any suggestion what type I should buy based on description above? Just correct me if my dream laptop impossible to find and suggest what type of laptop in your mind.

    It is a good laptop. They say the battery is supposed to last 3.5 hours, which actually means it will last probably around 2.5-2.8 hours. And it has a small screen (14 inches).
    It has a decent graphics card, and based on benchmarks, it can run the games you want to play :)
  4. look like a good one.... :) Thank hpfreak

    Any other suggestion?
  5. Not anymore at the moment. There is another laptop, that if you want to consider, you could. But I would not recommend it, a laptop from HP:

    Graphics card is not as good, should still play the games as medium settings, and it is 100 dollars cheaper. But the build quality is total garbage.
  6. Ok...thank for your help...if there any suggestion laptop next time just post it.. :D :D
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