Asus R 9600xt problems in games

I just purchased Asus Radeon 9600xt to replace my old gforce4 mx4.

The problem I'm having is that entire system freezes up after 1-5 minutes after playing games such as Gunmetal (which came with the card), DeuxEx2 and Planetside. I'm forced to reboot the system.
Surprisingly Call of Duty is the only one that doesn't freeze up.

I uninstalled the drivers that came with card and installed the latest catalyst driver off the ati website but it didn't help. Then I tried older catalyst and asus drivers but still the system freezes up. I ran a virus scan to be sure but the system is clean.

I'm beginning to think that the card may be defective but that doesn't explain why Call of Duty runs fine.

Some system specs:
VIA chipset mobo
Intel Celeron Celeron 1700
512mb ddr ram
Windows XP
Montego Bay A3DXtream sound

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Did you get rid of all nVidia drivers?
  2. Yes, I uninstalled all nvidia drivers.
    I also removed all nvidia entries from registry manually.

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  3. Have you tried to install the 4-1 VIA pack which logicaly must be in your asus drivers cd?Maybe this will help you.
  4. I think the only safe way to go from Nvidia to an ATI card is a wipe, and a fresh install. I went from a Ti 4200 to a 9600 XT and had no problems whatsoever.
  5. I think the problem is a junk system. I mean, I'm completely surprised that your sound card works with your crap chipset. And a PIII 1000 would have been faster than your Celeron 1700.

    Considering the crap your system represents, you could have all kinds of issues, from drivers to an inadequate power supply to cooling issues.

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