Toshiba L635-SP3003L doesn't recognize HDD WD Scorpio Blue WD5000BPVT

Hi everyone.

I'm having problems installing a new SATA HDD in a Toshiba Laptop, the Windows 7 DVD installer recognizes a 0 GB drive.
This is what I have:
- Toshiba Satellite L635-SP3003L
- BIOS InsydeH2O v2.4, EC v1.8, Rev. 3.5 (updated)
- Western Digital WD5000BPVT-24HXZ 500GB SATA HDD (25 FEB 2012)

Changed the drive. In the BIOS, the new HDD drive says only: "(S2)". I changed the <SATA controller config> to "Compatibility" but then the HDD in the BIOS says: "None", so I stuck with "AHCI".

I booted from the Windows 7 64-bits DVD, and I got a 0 GB drive, so I downloaded:
- Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver
- Intel Turbo Boost Technology Driver
- Intel Chipset SW Installation Utility
From the Toshiba Support site:

I tried to add the controllers from those files, but the Windows 7 installer said it didn't found any controllers :( Perhaps there's other driver I've not tried?

Then I tested the Laptop with a Fujitsu MHV2060BH PL 60GB SATA HDD (JUL 2006) and the Bios instantly recognized the HDD with full name, and the Windows 7 installation found the drive.

I also used the Western Digital data LifeGuard Diagnostics in the new WD5000BPVT-24HXZ 500GB, and scored perfect tests connecting the new HDD WD Drive with the SATA power & USB adapter to a desktop PC.

My problem is that I don't own the 60 GB HDD and I don't want only 60 GB in that laptop. Please, any suggestions are welcome in how to make that laptop recognize the WD HDD. Thanks a lot in advance!
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