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My dell laptop will not boot. Receive msg "PXE-MOF: Exiting PXE ROM. Reboot and Select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key". Tried setting boot priority to harddrive. Still receive the same message.
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  1. try to test the hdd in another system to see if will show up,if you can acces it try the maker tool for that drive
  2. So you CAN get into the BIOS?
    Can you boot up Windows in Safe Mode?
  3. PXE -MOF Exiting PXE ROM,

    Looking at the whole message it seems your HDD has a serious problem
    I like scout_03's suggestion.

    Laptop HDD adapters for USB and for PC systems:
    assuming it's a SATA HDD

    BYTECC 2.5" HDD External Enclosure for USB 2.0 connections

    StarTech 2.5in SATA Hard Drive to 3.5in Drive Bay Mounting Kit
  4. Hello,

    My name is Ankit and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell.

    I understand that you are getting an error message of "PXE-MOF" while booting up the system.
    In order to check for issue, you can run inbulit diagnostic test for hard-drive on the system.
    To access diagnostics on the system, you have to shut down the system. Then press down the f/n key towards the left hand side bottom of the keyboard & press the power button & let them go.
    It will run the diagnostic & if there is any problem with the hard-drive for the system, it will popup an error code which you can report to Dell.
    You can also check if system is working in safe mode or not.
    To access safe mode, shut down the system & while restarting, keep tapping F8 key. It should take you to advanced boot options from where you can access safe mode.
    If system works in safe mode, you can try system restore. If system doesnt boots up in safe mode, then you can try to restore the system to factory default settings. This option results in data loss.

    To access PC restore, you can follow the following link.

    For any further queries, feel free to reply back on the post.

  5. This happens sometimes on a refurbished computer from Dell.

    Do not boot from the hard drive. Insert the Re-installation CD and boot from this. You will lose all programs and data by this approach.

    Your valuable data will be on your external backup hard disk.
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