Dell Latitude E6510 new battery not charging on AC power


I have the following problem:

After 3 years, the battery of my Dell Latitude E6510 given up the ghost and I've bought a new (not a replica but the original model purchased from ).

The battery can be used easily and is also recognized by the system.
Only problem: He can not be charged.

When you first insert the battery was at 33%. In network mode, it remains at 33%. However, it is shown: left 33% (network operation is not recharged).

Have already taken out the battery again and blown onto the contacts and everything wiped cloth with NEM (thought it might be a bit dusty). But nothing helps.

Can someone help me? Were so thankful for every tip.
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  1. Charger, bad battery, bad power connector on the laptop would cause this. Since the battery is new, see if they will send a replacement. If that one does not charge, check with a new charger. If that also does not work, have the jack looked at.
  2. j_mazzella said:
    I had the same issue with my Dell E6400 (it uses the same battery) it turned out the problem was the cheap replacement battery I bought. Basically threw away $35.

    I finally bough a new replacement from and that fixed the problem. I guess your get what you pay for, This one has been performing well ;)

    He had an OEM Dell battery though, so it should have been working fine with the laptop.

    The battery from that site looks to be non OEM either, although a lot more expensive than the Chinese batteries from ebay.
  3. If the battery is under warranty as you mention that you have new laptop you should return it and claim in warranty.
  4. Pretty sure this has been resolved since it's so old.

    I have a cat that likes to sit on my keyboard when I'm not around and she somehow gets into the power settings and checks the box beside "Disable Battery Charging".

    I uncheck this setting and the battery charges fine.

    Hope this helps someone out there.
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