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I have been mixing and matching parts from several PCs (some non-functional) in order to try to build at least one machine that functions properly, and I am trying to determine which of the following video cards is the better card.

The first card is a GeForce 2 GTS with 32MB of RAM and an AGP 4x bus.

The second card is currently in a non-functioning machine given to me by a friend. Since I have no documentation on the card and I have not yet installed it in a functioning machine to see what information Windows might provide about it, the only information that I have on the card is what is printed on the label on the card - Radeon 7000 with 64MB of DDR RAM (It is also an AGP card).

I was under the impression that my GeForce 2 card was about a year older than the Radeon card, and combining that with the fact that the Radeon card has double the memory, it would seem to be a forgone conclusion that the Radeon card is the better of the two. However, I was looking at some of the older versions of the VGA charts on this site, and the ones that included a Radeon 7000 generally showed that card performing worse than most of the GeForce 2 cards. The charts I was viewing were around 2 years old, however, so I thought that maybe the Radeon 7000 listed there was a different class (memory, etc.) than the one I have.

As you might be able to tell already, I have only a moderate (at best) grasp of video cards, plus I haven't really followed what has been going on in the video card industry or what new developments have come along since I bought my GeForce 2 card, which was probably around 2 or 3 years ago.

Anyway, my actual question is: Should I remove the GeForce 2 card that I described above from my primary machine (which is only a PIII 866 mH with 256 MB of RAM) and replace it with the Radeon 7000?

Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can provide.

Flying Burrito
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  1. Keep the GF2 & dump the Radeon 7000. The 7000 doesn't even have hardware T&L, so it's no surprise that it performs worst.

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  2. No, the GeForce2 GTS was a high end card about 2 years before the 7000 was released as a super low-end card. It's a newer version of the Radeon VE (Value Edition), which was a cut down version of the original Radeon.

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  3. That's exactly what I needed to know. Thank you very much for the help.

    Flying Burrito
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