Asus n55sl vs Hp Elitebook 8560p

Hi guys,

this summer I'll work as a programmer for a company in a sort of an internship (I will actually work while at the sea side :) ) and I will be dealing with some computationally expensive algorithms.

Therefore I am looking for some well-built pc, with high performances, pretty decent actual battery life (>=4hrs).

After the internship I will use the laptop as a desktop replacement, therefore I don't care too much about its weight.

My budget is approximatively 1600 euros.

I did a long research and I came up with many solutions (lenovo, dell, hp), but the best ratio price/quality turned out to be held by HP Elitebook 8560p.

This laptop brags a solid build (almost all alluminium) , a good anti-glare screen (useful when I'll work outdoors), pretty good performances (i7 dual core 2.7 ghz, 4 gb ram ddr3), a good battery life (9hrs with the 9 cell battery). Plus some nice stuff as a fingerprint reader, a led to light a keyboard (backlightingwould have been better), a num pad. It should cost approx 1500 euros.

Though, recently, a friend of mine told me about the Asus N55SL, which is cheaper (approx 1100 euros), more powerful (i7 quad core 2.2, 8 gb dd3 ram, bigger hd), and with a decent battery life (4hrs).

Yet, I'm not really sure about it, since it doesn't look really solid and it has a quad-core processor but with a lower clock, which means that it's less powerful unless you use apps that actually take advantage of all the cores, and that it consumes more power.
On top of that, in some reviews they say that the battery life reduces to 1.5 hrs when under a considerable load, which sucks.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Cheers, I had already read that asus review, but I found really useful the one about HP.

    I will probably get the HP.

    Thanks again
  2. I definitely like the HP too.
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