Weird Problem with PowerColor 9700 Pro

Its not a huge problem, but its quite annoying. Every once in a while (once a week to twice a week), when I start up a DirectX game, my monitor will flicker twice, then go back to desktop. The game will still be in minimized in the taskbar, and when i click to maximize again, same flickering. This is always fixed with a reinstallation of the 3.10's (4.1's dont like my system and i dont like the performance), but it still occurs once in a while. Any possible fixes to permanantly make this problem go away? Thanks
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  1. Bump, still need help.
  2. i dunno what your issue is, but check this out, maybe you can get it replaced if you want

    good luck

    XP-Pro SP-1
    Celeron 2G @ 2672Mhz (133fsb) stock voltage
    Asus P4GE-V motherboard
    512MB PC2100 DDR RAM
    GeForce4 Ti4200
    19" monitor
  3. Was your old card a Nvidia card and did you do a fresh install of the OS or MAKE SURE you got rid of all the old drivers?

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  4. Nope, brand new build.
  5. bump
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