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I have an Asus Laptop and I have a couple questions about things I wanted to change up. Overall it's pretty nice laptop especially for the price, it was only 399.00 dollars. These are the specs on it.

Asus X54L
I3 2330M
4 Gig's of RAM
500 Gig HDD at 5400 RPM

I like the I3 and plan on keeping it. The RAM I would like to upgrade BUT this model only has one RAM slot and it maxes out at 4 Gigs so there is nothing I can do there. What I was going to do is get a new, slightly bigger and faster HDD for the latop. Here are the questions I have.

1) If I get a new HDD can I install a Windows 7 OEM on the HDD? What I mean is will a new copy of Windows be compatible with the ASUS motherboard or do I have to use the recovery disks from Asus for my specific laptop model?

2) If I can install a fresh copy of Windows which Windows license number do I use the one that came with the Asus laptop or the ones that came with the new Windows CD?

3) What about all the drivers for graphics display, wireless card touchpad and all that stuff.

4) Lastly do you think this upgrade is worth the time and money. It would cost about 90 dollars for a 750 Gig HDD at 7200 RPM and 100 dollars for the Windows 7 OEM 64 bit from Newegg.
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  1. I dont think you would even notice a difference..maybe slightly. I would use the oem key code, then you will still have a copy of windows to use or sell, but It probably isnt worth it.
    Dont take my word for it though..see what someone else thinks since this is only my opinion and I dont have any hard facts to back it up
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    If you are only changing HDD, just make a system image on a USB HDD and recovery DVD with Window 7. Change the HDD, boot from the recovery DVD and select recovery from system image.

    However, I would advice against it. The change of HDD on performance is minimal. It is expensive (almost 25% of what you originally paid!!). That is just unwise.

    Just use it until it brick and buy a new one.
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