[General Discussion] MSI EX460 Laptop Boot Issue

Hi everyone,

I currently have an MSI EX460, it's been with me for almost 3 years already. Recently I encountered an issue with it, I hit the power button and it boots, but then after a few seconds, it freezes and the screen goes black, then I just get a solid dim light right below the power button and you can't force it to shutdown by holding the power button down, you can only shut it off by removing the battery or pulling the plug.

Would appreciate your feedback and suggestions.



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  1. I tried switching RAM sticks, the laptop opens but I just get a black screen.
  2. sounds like it may be time for a new notebook :(
  3. nhasian said:
    sounds like it may be time for a new notebook :(

    :??: No hope for it's revival? Damn. That kinda sucks. Is there anything I can salvage from this unit by taking it apart? :bounce:
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