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I have new computer with windows 7. I have had my rebel 2000 for 9 years - want to go back to my XP version because I can NOT get windows 7 to even reconize my camera when plugged into USB Help what drivers do I need? Also lost all programs to print pictures from Rebel.
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  1. A rebel 2000 is a film camera. You cant view print from a PC with a film camera. Not on this planet anyhow.

    You need a digital camera.
  2. You sure you have the right model number, the Canon EOS 300 is known as the EOS Rebel 2000 in North America, it is not digital.
    The Canon EOS 300D known as EOS Digital Rebel in the US is digital, but was released in 2003.
    Regardles, if you do in fact have a digital camera, what sort of media card does it use, you can get card readers for most. You can use all sorts of programs to print the images, your printer shoud have software that can do that.
    You can even use the W7 default picture viewer to print.
    Finding drivers for a 9 year old camera, slim to none.
  3. If you say you've plugged it in before, It must be a digital camera (unless you're plugging into some random hole). Can you please check the model number again?

    In the device manager, is anything coming up when you plug in?

    What type of memory card does your camera use?

    I have changed to a card reader recently as transfering a full card of shots from my EOS 350d by usb cable is slow and drains the cameras battery. You may want to think about this as an option.
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