Does the Acer (or similar acer's) 5735 USB ports have their own indivdual bus /c


I'm not to tech savvy but I wonder if anyone can help me here. I have the acer 5735 and Im considering buying an audio interface for it. On this laptop will the inerface use its own bus / controller for its opertion so that other usb devices will not interfere with its operation? I may not be using the correct teminology but I appreciate if anyone can help here.
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  1. Hello jackURbody;

    It's a USB audio device? If so it will share a common bus.

    If you can follow this Cathedral Peak II block diagram you'll see that USB devices share a common bus. Check the lower center/right for the USB bus schema.

  2. Hi, yes it is a USB audio device, the RME Fireface UCX.

    In the manual it states:

    Like any audio interface the Fireface should have a data transmission to the computer as undisturbed as possible. The easiest way to guarantee this is to connect it to its own bus, which should be no problem as most USB 2.0 interfaces are a double bus design.

    Is the diagram above or acer laptop a double bus design?
  3. jackURbody said:
    a double bus design?
    I had not heard that term used together with USB.
    As I understand how USB works, I think the answer would be no. It's an advanced single bus design.
    There are some features that would help a USB audio device do some near-real time work though.

    I've used this USB interface tutorial covering basic fundamentals for a couple years

    I think this is the part of most interest to you (about half down down the wall of text):

    USB can support four data transfer types or transfer mode, which are listed below.

    1. Control
    2. Isochronous
    3. Bulk
    4. Interrupt

    Control transfers exchange configuration, setup and command information between the device and the host. The host can also send commands or query parameters with control packets.

    --> Isochronous transfer is used by time critical, streaming device such as speakers and video cameras. It is time sensitive information so, within limitations, it has guaranteed access to the USB bus. Data streams between the device and the host in real-time, and so there will not be any error correction.
  4. Thanks for the info and quick respones, much appreciated.
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