When does dell typ. refresh the laptop line? (xps z-series)

I have been looking for a good laptop and really like the dell XPS Z-series, I was reading a nice long CNET review when i realized it was all dated a year ago, may 2011.
This makes me think that maybe I should wait a bit in case there will be a product line refresh, just since a lot of computer/tech stuff has yearly updates.

Anyone know anything about this?
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  1. maybe i can revise my question-

    Is it a reasonable idea to wait to buy one right now if the last ones were released a year ago, with the expectation that a product line refresh could be around the corner.
    I wont need it till the end of summer.
  2. Some details of the refresh have been leaked, and we are currently in the middle of Dell's "last call sale" on that line, so yeah I think it's likely that a refresh is right around the corner. I'm thinking it could be right after this sale is over, but I don't know that for sure.

    You may consider buying during this sale if you think the deal is good enough, or wait until the refresh which will have Ivy Bridge and probably newer NVIDIA graphics.
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