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I desparately need advice. My Gforce4 Ti4200 is about to die, well at least it's fan is, and it will be useless without it. It's a chaintech card and it started making loud rattling noises lately and when I opened the case the fan was all messed up and the clip thingie on the shaft that keeps the fan blades balanced is gone and it seems like it's been working like that for a while now, as the plastic middle of the blades are melted and cracked a little. I took it uppart and cleaned it and tried to amend it a little, but not having many tools found it hard to completely fix it. I now have to run my computer lieing down on the side and with the lid open in case the fan stops working and I have to give it a little push to start it up again. This sucks big time as I wanted to hold out for two - three months till the new gen cards come out so I can upgrade, but now it is hard to tell when my current card will be unusable. Anybody knows if there......oops.... there it goes again, needs a kick start.....aaaaaaand it's back to spinning...... are fans that I can put on it or something like that to make it last for a few more months? It feels like I am trying to run a 20-year-old car that hasn't been serviced at all.

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  1. Have just downloaded the RivTuner and found out that my card is AGPx4 and when I bought it a year and a half ago it said it supports AGPx8. If it says it AGPx4 it must be that, right, or is there something holding it back and I can change it to AGPx8?
  2. 4X and 8X will make no diff. The main thing was support for it with the GF4 cards and working in the AGP 3.0 slots (IIRC).

    As for your fan, you could strap another fan directly overtop of it. while that's not a great solution it is a quick and easy one that will be partially effective. I know most people here would simply replace the fan assembly, which is some work, but not much harder than installing a CPU fan. And 80mm fan right on top of your current assembly should get you to the next stage, but don't count on anything doing too much without simply replacing the assembly.

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  3. Yeah, was thinking of doing that, but I don't know what's the votage that the fan plug thingie suplies. Does anybody know so i'll just strap one on?
  4. 12v for most cards.

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