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I just recently installed WinXP on a new drive and I was going about getting all my software updates. I was looking to find/install MS Virtual Machine but it's unavailable anymore due to the lawsuit that Java won.

My question is, Is the MS VM on my WinXP Pro Upgrade disk that I could install? Or: Is there somewhere else I can download it? Or: Do I need to download JRE from Sun?
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  1. Th easiest (and fastest) choice would be to install the <A HREF="" target="_new">Sun Java plug-in</A>, IMHO. Many users are reporting less issues with this version of Java, and this is what will be included in the second service pack for WinXP, anyway, according to information I've seen from various sources.


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  2. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Mr T.
  3. Yes it is confusing I just installed it two minutes ago. I had to close my eyes and pick one, it was Java VM. Glad its the same one Toey link. :wink:

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  4. Firs of all you may want to make sure you have updated your XP to SP 1 and you have the IE for SP 1. Then go to your options on your IE under advanced if you have both the SUN JAVA plugin and IE installed, you should be able to select to use the VM in the advanced options. I have seen this at work where using the regular Java from SUN, some programs will not work.

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