Laptop that can run most games on a quality setting

For a decent price. Im not throwing out numbers i just want to see what everyone can recommend me

Thanks =]
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  1. Sorry, not enough info to go on.
    Not really worth our time.
  2. with little information, I would recommend the HP DV7T 17.3" or DV6T 15.6". They are basically the same laptop with different screen sizes. Get one with the Radeon 6770M, these can be had for about $700 to $900 in the US less if you can dig one up refurbished, I don't know where you are living though... The new DV6T and DV7T Quad editions can be optioned with the Nvidia GT 650M which should be right at or just under the 560M in performance and post better numbers than the 6770M but costs around $1200 US.

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