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How do I install office 2000 on my windows 7 acer laptop?
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  1. It may not support Office 2000. That's a very old version. Try Open Office, it's Free.
  2. thank you, but upon clicking the link McAfee said this site was dangerous.
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    This is the offical site and it's safe.
  4. Wait, you use McAfee and think you are safe? That AV program is horrible imho.
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  6. price_th said:
    This is the offical site and it's safe.

    Thank you, I will try that.

    If you could answer 2 more questions for me as well, it would be greatly appreciated.

    #1. I am definitely NOT tech savvy. I have had this laptop about a month. I was advised to back up my system. I inserted a CD and nothing happened. Some sort of a pop up told me it would take up 13.7 gb of space. I then went and bought a 16 gb flash drive. That didn't work either. I was then advised to insert a DVD and it would take 4 of them. I then go buy some DVD's, inserted one and it took about 10 + minutes to finish. I then inserted disk 2 and it was just about finished (green fill in bar) when the disk ejected and I got a message there was an error . I was to reinsert a blank disk and resume. Nothing happened other than the timer kept going. I called Acer and they advised me that my "drivers" must be out. They could reinstall the drivers for $70. I am appalled to say the least. The laptop is brand new.

    #2. In checking my upload file for updates that have been successfully downloaded, I find events prior to when I owned this laptop and it is supposedly brand new. How does this happen?
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