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I am looking for a very specific laptop that I've been looking for, for months. Maybe someone can help me out? Some of the specs have changed based on the new releases but here they are.

3rd gen i7, ~670 geforce, 15.6-17.3 inch screen with LED. I prefer 15.6 but it's hard to find led because you can't search laptops by led. Some extra features I want are SSD, usb 3.0, HDMI. Also I love LED but is there any negative impact if it's on a laptop? My led screen at home has been scratched and I don't want a laptop led to scratch easily. Also is 15 inch going to get hotter faster? I'd prefer a smaller screen for college but I don't want it to heat up super fast either. Thanks in advanced.
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  1. Just about any vendor can provide your needs. Most laptops come with LED screens. They are more energy efficient and often brighter than the compact flourescents that they replaced. That might be why you can't shop by the feature. Look at the laptop specs and you will find what kind of screen it has.

    There is no difference in scratchability for and LED screen. The material on the outer surface is what scratches. The light source (LED) has nothing to do with this. Also, getting hotter faster doesn't go by the size of the laptop, but what is inside. I have a 17.3" i5 that gets "hotter" on the bottom than my 15" i5. Laptops are built to perform within certain heat parameters.

    Try Alienware, Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Clevo, MSI, Sager, etc. Off the top of my head those are some brands that should offer models that fit your needs. Go to their sites and start building with your specs.
  2. Alienware doesn't provide 15.6 but I'm looking at the 3rd gen asus on new egg. Idk about how fast it heats up so I want to look into it. Well my led monitor at home has less glare but I guess you're saying the outter layer is the same?
  3. Ivy Bridge laptops have barely appeared so far because the CPU has only just recently been officially released. There should be more Ivy Bridge laptops popping up in the next couple of months though. Therefore, just wait a little while longer.
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