ATi 9700 PRO

Has any one else had a problem with this card and BF1942. It is great with everythig else but locks in BF1942. I have tried drivers from cat 2.5 - 4.1 (2.4 does work but does not work with many newer games) DX9 reinstall. Motherboard bios and drivers are the most current. BF1942 is most curent 1.6.

A7N8X XP2500+
512 ddr
WD 80 JB
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  1. I had a boatload of problems with my old R9700 Pro (Hercules) until after about 12 months it died. I never fully solved *all* the problems, but I believe a lot of it was down to incompatibility with my mobo at the time (MSI GNB-Max) which, with the particular intel chipset, had problems with x8 AGP cards.

    Not saying your problem is similar, but I read a lot of posts about similar issues (such as the infinite-loop error, which sounds more like your problem), and found a lot of useful info at:

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Good luck.
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