I upgraded my Alienware M17X R2 to a GTX 580M

Here's my initial video if you want to see it:


Any of your have any experience with these? Mine ran about 85 C the first time I tried Crysis 2... just wanted to know if that was normal for this GF114.

I don't have really any cooling options because I have to use the R2's heatsink, but I didn't know if someone could recommend a fan control software...

BTW, Crysis 2 ran at 1920x1200 on Ultra with DirectX9 flawlessly... I was still downloading the DX11 Patch so I will update when I get it installed after work... I'm expecting at least 70 FPS at 1680x1050


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  1. Anyone ever use HWMonitor Pro? I downloaded it but I can't set fan speeds or anything else, do you have to buy a license?


  2. Heyy in in the same boat and am trying to upgrade mine. How much did it cost for those cards? I want the 580 gtx too & in SLI. I got in an accident and idk if I'm fit to do it myself an plus I don't know what I'm doing (if only I was as good w/hardware as I was software)...so should I just call Alienware and have them out it I. For me?
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