Can someone answer this??

okay, i have a p4 1.7ghz, 512mb DDR SDRAM, and a crappy (geforce2, it came with the computer) video card. I am upgrading the video card, but im not sure what i should upgrade it to.
Im really upgrading it for these 3 games: Half-life2, Painkiller, and Doom3.
So my question is, should i get an ATI or a NVIDIA card??
I was originaly leaning towards that 256mb Albatron geforce fx5900(it is $290 now, and i am planning on getting my new card in march). But lately, i have read a few articles that said the ATI 9800 pro performs quite a bit better than an fx5900 for DX9 games, which those 3 all happen to be.
I know that Doom3 is openGl and i read that openGL is better for the fx5900, and Painkiller is a "the way its meant to be played" game, so it is supposedly optimized for NVIDIA cards, but im not sure if it is direct3d or openGL.
So can someone please tell me which card I should go with (for under $350)??
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  1. Without hesitation I would recommend the 9800 Pro. You should be able to get one for well under $300.

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  2. ur right in saying the 9800 pro is better in dx9 than the 5900 also "the way its ment to be played" only garentys the game will work with that card

    if i had the choice i would go for the 256mb 9800 pro or xt
    dont know the price on that one but the 128 version is about $280

  3. I would recommend a Radeon 9800 non-pro, they are usually around $200(american) now. They are great cards and can easily be overclocked to 9800pro speeds. It probably wont need to be overclocked though, because your cpu speed is going to limit you in those games. Maybe think about upgrading/overclocking the cpu when it comes time for those games to be released.
  4. Why not wait? New cards due April or May. For $350 US 9800Pro.
  5. hmm, i did the price search on this site, and found the lowest price for a radeon 9800 pro for $230, and the lowest price for that ASUS radeon 9800 xt was $400, both were 256 mb. Is there that big of a difference between a pro and an XT?

    Also, i was thinking of maybe upgrading my processor like muc0n said. How much would it cost, and how easy is it to install? cause i really dont wanna screw up my PC.
  6. I agree he should wait until Doom 3 and HL2 are out. But he is running a GF2, so if he wants to play current games much better, an upgrade now isn't a bad idea. Right now Radeon 9800 pro 128MB's are the best card you can buy for under $250.

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  7. Sapphire Radeon 9800PRO 128mb for $224(newegg also has the retail version for $3 more but its currently out of stock):

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  8. IMHO, the XT's are not worth the extra you pay for them: ~2x the price for a couple %. The 128/256 mb make a minimal difference at best. ====> 9800pro 128mb would prolly be the best choice...

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  9. I agree with Snork. Furthermore, take the hit and get it now. Accept the fact that in a short time your new card will seem old.

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  10. i was kind of hoping to get a 256mb card,but if it doesnt make much of a difference, maybe i should just go with 128.....
    How much of a speed difference does 256mb have over 128mb??

    And i was planning on waiting until mid or late march to get the new card, because Painkiller comes out April 12th, and i doubt a couple weeks will make a big difference (the demo comes out feb 16, but i cant even play it cause my video card isnt strong enough)and Half-life 2 is supposed to come out "in the summer" so it wouldnt be too much longer after that.
  11. The 256MB card is really only faster at 1600x1200 with 4X/8X. Normal gaming resolutions they are virtually identical.

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  12. I agree that a 256MB card is pointless to get. Normally they are no better and sometimes even slower because they use lower quality memory. As far as waiting for the new set of cards to come out IMO it is pointless because he cpu speed is low. If he had a 2500+ or 3000+ it might be worth it to wait for the new cards. But even with a 9800 his cpu will bottleneck him before his video card would.
  13. Actually there are a lot ofplaces now that you can get a radeon 9800pro for 230 with free half life2 coupon.

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    Figured i'd do it too..reality my ass.
  14. a 9800 pro with HL2 for $230. I haven't seen that. I guess I ordered a week too early. What brands have the coupon?

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  15. thx for the link Paul.
    And muc0n, you are right about my CPU speed, the only reason im really waiting is to save a little more money.
  16. Yes most of the time waiting will save you money. I just bought a radeon 9800 Pro last week and it is down 8 bucks already. But eventually, those deals might dissappear. Take the radeon 9800 non pro. They went from $300 down to $200, but then the supply dried up and the prices went back up. Now a few months later, the 9800 pro is down about the same cost. The new cards coming out will lower the prices, but I think the 9800 Pro will go just like the 9700 pro. After the next cards come out, it will level off because supply will eventually go way down. I seriously doubt that the 9800 Pro will drop under $200, or at least not for very long. Unless of course R380 somehow surprises us and comes in with R9800pro performance.

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  17. <A HREF="" target="_new">R9800 Pro for $224</A>

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  18. Glad you can still enjoy Newegg. I have placed countless orders through them, but now that they opened a NJ warehouse, they charge sales tax here now. That makes that card $237.44 ... which is far from the best deal. I miss Newegg. Argh

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  19. ya dhlucke, i was looking at that yesterday, only question i have about it is that it is made by saphire and not ATI. In the video card FAQ here it had saphire under the "good" brand manufacturers, and ATI was under the "excellent" manufacturers. does the brand make any real difference??

    oh and BTW, that card is currently $219 at newegg. Its a 1 day sale!!!
    (ends 2/10 @4:00 pm)
    man i am tempted to get it but i know waiting is probably a wiser choice....... (plus its only a $5 difference)

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  20. Call me Mr. (T)emptation. I was always a BB ATI guy too, but gave into the Saphire 9800 pro price drops. Mine has been running flawlessly for a week now. Seriously Lovin' it!

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  21. ohh man, i just saw a 128mb radeon 9800 pro (manufactured by ATI) for $209. I used the price finder on this site.
    only question i have about it is that it was $209 at some "buyXG" site, and i have never really heard of them before. I dont care if the card is a couple of days late, as long as i get it.
    of course, im not upgrading right now anyway, but the card was on sale,and i dont know how cheap it will get,also 9800 pro's might not be around much longer since their new cards are right around the corner.
    How much longer should i wait??
    (BTW you guys are a HUGE help so thanks)
  22. april or mid may they will drop significantly when newer cards come out.

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