Acer aspire i forgot my erecovery password

i cant remember what password i used for my erecovery management and now i cant restore my aspire 5517 to its factory settings like i want to.
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  1. hello i have acer laptop in window 7 bt i lost my password wht should i need to do
  2. Find it, how can you not know the password you use daily.
    You can contact Acer support with your purchase details for more help.
  3. The password is usually stored in a file of your recovery directory. Try to boot from any kind of Live CD (eg. Ultimate Boot CD, knoppix, Ubuntu, Hirens Boot CD) and navigate through your recoverydrive.
    %drive letter%\TOOLS\AIMDRS.DAT

    Open the AIMDRS.dat with an editor like notepad and retrieve your password.

    Hope this helps
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