Outdoor Laptop

1. Budget? 800
2. 14"-15.6"
3. 1600 x 600
4. Portable
5. 4hrs battery life
6. No games.
7. Music Production but an i3-2330m is enough
8. HDD - at least 200GB
9. Newegg, Amazon or official retail
10. 3 years
11 Any optical Drive
12. Reviews > Brand
13. USA

The main thing i'm looking for is a good screen. Bright for outside use. I will mostly be using it outside.
4GB RAM (8GB MAX), 1600 x 600+, i3-2330m+, good screen for outside use,

Right now i can get all this for 559.99 in a Lenovo Thinkpad t520. Is the screen good for outside use?
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    Yes, it should be. Generally you want to avoid all laptops with a glossy screen which reflects light. Business laptops like the ThinkPad tends to have matte finish screen which diffuses light instead of reflecting it like a mirror.
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