Damage to laptop hardware??

Hello forum, my question is concerning possible damage done to a laptop during a freeze up.

I lent my brother my new laptop to play diablo III. In the middle of the his gaming session, something went really wrong. The screen started chopping, the image froze and started "jumping" up and down the screen. The sound the came out was a sharp and brief buzzing noising that chopped and jumped along with the image.

My brother panicked, and ripped the power cord from the laptop. He was playing the laptop without the battery, so ripping the power cord out completely removed power from the machine. Basically the same and flipping the power switch on the desktop psu, while the desktop is still on.

The laptop was purchased less than a year ago, with a i7-2670qm processor, 6 gigs of ram, and a gt 540m video card.

Is there a way to check if any damage has been done to the hardware?? Should I try downloading boot software, to see if all the hardware is booting up properly??
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  1. Have you tried to start the pc since the incident to see if anything is even wrong with it? If you have, is it not working properly? Is there a reason why the battery wasnt in the laptop?
  2. Generally you don't have anything to worry about. All it means is that the laptop did not properly shut down. It may cause Windows to become unstable if done repeatedly, but if it just happened once, then there is only an extremely small chance that you will have stability issues.

    What caused the laptop to go haywire while he was playing Diablo 3 is a different matter. It could be that the laptop was overheating.
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