Acer laptop 5742 battery charging but not 100%

I have ACER aspire 5742 and have a problem that battery is not charging to 100%.....the problem occurred about 3 month ago .....battery charges to certain percentage and stops, it does not charge more than that....another problem is that the charging percentage is decreasing....first at 92%, 91%....and so it is at 68%......need help
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  1. laptop batteries age and Max charge decreases. a number of factors affect this. heat/age/charge cycles etc.

    First though is the USE time on battery actually way down too? if not the batteries circuitry is just confused and needs recalibrated. should be something in the BIOS or the manufacturers site. and a good thing to try anyway.

    If its actually affecting use it may be a failing cell. the manufacturer may have a battery health test tool you can use.

    in any case if the recalibration doesnt work and its affecting run time you have 3 choices.

    1. get it replaced if under warranty.
    2. buy a new battery
    3. live with it.
  2. thank you for the reply. I'll look into it. but i think there is problem with ACPI
  3. Why do you think there is a problem with ACPI?

    How old is your battery?
  4. Hi :)

    HOW old is the lappy ?

    If you say over 2 battery time...

    All the best Brett :)
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