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hi, hope someone can help me ... i'm running winxp pro and the javascript stopped working one day. norton antivirus doesn't scan anymore and everytime i go to a website i can't see the java script and i can't play flash either , when i click on links that open up in another window in IE the new windows goes blank ... i don't know if i have a virus but i used panda antivirus to scan and nothing showed up ... someone please help ... this is really weird ...
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  1. try scanning for virus' in safe mode...

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  2. Download another program capable of running Java. I use Sun Java, which is freely available from Sun's website. There are others out there which people prefer over Sun... but I can't think of them right now.

    Once that's done, anything that requires javascript should start working again. It is a royal PITA that virus scanning software relies on it. I remember having to install Sun Java on a Win 98 machine because NAV stopped working.

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  3. i've rebooted in safe mode and scanned for viruses with panda and nothing showed up after 80000 files ... i've tried searching for another java program and there were like more then 900 results filled with java games and tutorials ... can some one let me know another java program ?? also would uninstalling sun java and reinstalling it help ?? this problem is really annoying me ...
  4. i even tried to go to and i can't get it to run .. can someone please help out ?? i can't print and when i click on links the new windows doesn't load anything ... i'm really annoyed and i can't seem to be able to find anything like this problem on the internet ... i've scanned for virus 3 times and nothing showed up .. someone please help ...
  5. If I remember correctly, Windows Update does not use JavaScript but <b>ActiveX Control</b>. Go to Internet Options\Security and choose <b>Default level</b> button to see if it fixed.

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