Soltek FX5200 HELP!

Hey fellas! I just bought a Soltek FX5200 video card (something that most of you may dispite! =oP), but here in Brazil, Ati's graphics cards are too expensive, i just moved to a new apartment so i kinda poor now! =oP

anyway, i installed it on my PC (p4 1.5, intel D845WN, 512PC133, Samsung 40GB), games like Counter Strike (OpenGL) are getting fps = 60!!! I had a GeForce 2 GTS and fps = 100.

I really thing its driver issue, DirectX applications works really fine, like HALO or my 3D Max, much better than on the GTS.

What should i do?!

Thanks Anyway!! =oD
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  1. Well, frankly the old Geforce2 GTS might be a better card to run Counter-Strike on.

    Are you sure you didn't end up with a 64-bit 5200? That'd be a pretty slow card...

    And, hey! Next time, if you can't find anything local, consider buying off of ebay maybe...

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