Connection lost to server after 30-45 sec while firewall on

Hi All,

Thanks in advance.

I have install server application on one machine(64 bit win 7). it is basically for licensing purpose on local area network. In windows firewall setting i created inbound rule for listening connection request i.e UDP port 5000 and outbound rule for broadcasting purpose.


I am using 64 bit windows 7 professional and windows firewall is on. when client application try to connect to server, it connect successfully but after 30-40 second connection to server lost and it lunch connection error and asking for reconnect.

If i turn off firewall, every things are going as per my expectation.

Note:- above scenario is working fine on window XP.

Kindly suggest what firewall setting need to change in order to get resolve this issue.

your response is keenly awaited.

Thanks a lot for your valuable time.
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  1. what OSs are we taking about that do not work together?
  2. Thanks emerald for your reply.

    Operating system is 64 bit window 7 professinal.

    kindly suggest, how to fix that issue.

    With Regards,
  3. Same problem with Win XP.
    My application, running on LAN server, works with Winsock protocol.
    When client connect to server, all is OK, but after 4/5 minuts, connection is lost.
    If I disable Win XP firewall on client, all works correctly!
    Client firewall hav a explicit rule for appliceation (EXE) and TCP port called.
    Server machine has firewall enabled and no problem is rised....
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