My sound keys have stopped working

I have an ASUS G50VT. So i used to be able to press fn and F10-F12 to control my volume, but for some reason it does not work anymore. My other fn's work like F5 and F6 for brightness. Thanks
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  1. really need some help here. I've tried everything
  2. Hello,

    You may want to go to - look for your laptop drivers and look for something like ATK hotkey/KB filter drivers those are required for the Fn buttons for what your looking for.
  3. I am on the support page, what do you think that would be under? I just looked at all of them and none had any name similar to that
  4. Well what OS are you using? And I see all of the ones I mentioned under "utilities" in the download section.
  5. I found it under utilities and downloaded it. when i try to install it i get an error message reading

    "source file not found: C:\Users\Owner\appdata\local\temp\7zOF20F.tmp\HOTKE.CAB. Verify that this file exists and you can access it"

    So now ive got no idea what to do.
  6. What Operating system? Vista 32 bit, Windows 7?

    It sounds like your download didn't complete properly or you didn't extract the file.

    Try saving the file on your desktop in a new folder and try extracting or installing it from that folder.
  7. Im using windows vista 64 bit and ill try that
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