Samsung Gaming notebook to replace PS3

Hi, so I'm looking specifically for a Samsung notebook that can handle games and replace my PS3, I had an idea of getting a core i5 R580 and replace the graphics card with a updated one that can handle the load of games. The Series 7 Chronos also springs to mind, and the backlit keyboard only sweetens the deal ;)

What do you guys recommend getting? It has to be withing 900$ and a Samsung.... I guess I wouldn't mind if I could get a used higher spec one for the same price
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  1. you do realize gaming on a PC isn't really pick up and play like a PS3 right? and why just samsung when there are other good brands like asus to consider for a laptop
  2. I know what you mean... like the base level Alienware ect.... but I want the other things that I have like my monitor and all to match. That might sound kinda stupid but that's what I want... I just like Samsung

    Thanks Jeremy

    PS would getting a slightly older notebook like the R580 and then upgrading the GPU be any good?
  3. years ago when i bought a computer and they though i was crazy because i wanted everything black.
  4. not many notebooks would allow you to upgrade the GPU. and if you find one that has the ability it would probably be above your budget
  5. Well this thread hasn't been very productive.
  6. well it sound's like you cannot get a samsung laptop for what you are asking. did you go to samsungs website and looked to see if they have any laptops like you are looking for or are you just depending on forums like this? maybe if you stated you were open to other brands it would be more productive
  7. you usually dont get the option of upgrading the gpu in a laptop cos its soldered right onto the mobo:) once you buy it its there for life. what is your budget? and why samsung? you a chelsea supporter:)

    here is a link to an ok laptop for gaming. google the GT540M and see how it handles the games you want to play.
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